Pokemon Scarlet Blaze

Pokemon Scarlet Blaze
Name: Pokemon Scarlet Blaze
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: ASDBUDDY
You play as Crimson/Scarlet(names haven't been locked yet if some one can do that pls contact me) Son/Daughter of RED the og protagonist. You journey through Kanto where your initial goal is to find more about your parents while fending of your rival SKY(Blue'son). Later on it turns into a quest to prove you and the residents of Kanto that you are no lesser than RED but even stronger.

Features:HG/SS graphics/tilesets
6 phased Day and Night system(time based evolutions not confirmed yet)
Changed maps
Upgraded (stronger and verstile)Trainers
Player(male and female) as well as Rival Sprites changed
Start with running shoes(can be used indoors) and national dex
Small features like : poke petting farm(included in 1.2), Police academy side quest(scheduled in next release), Nido hunt(scheduled in subsequent release)

Scarlet Blaze 1.2- till Route 4.

Pokemon Scarlet Blaze

Download Pokemon Pokemon Scarlet Blaze Alpha 1.2.5

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